Sales & Inventory Module
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Sales Module

Good analytics software needs to provide reports that benefit these teams, saves them time and answers their questions whenever and wherever they are. WIBSAS describes features of analytics software that speed up decision- making, tracks activity and ultimately help generate more sales. Here you will get all the features at WIBSAS

Anywhere Access

Whether you are in the office, at a meeting or on the road, being able to make accurate and informed decisions wherever you are is essential. The business world moves fast and you need to be agile to meet and exceed the demands it places on you. Postponing decisions until you get back to the office to check your reports will cost you time and business.

Combine sales history and CRM activity

WIBSAS seamlessly merge your team’s sales performance and customer relationship activity. This will ensure that all your key accounts are being appropriately engaged and allow you to match your sales, budgets and orders to your notes.


Immediately gain valuable insights by seeing your data visually represented in graphs, tables and highlighting important figures. A good dashboard will prompt you to look deeper and then provide answers to any questions that arise. With a good dashboard, all your sales metrics and scorecards can be managed so that they display the right dashboard for the right user.

Sales call reporting

This feature is key to tracking your sales meetings each month. You can compare sales across months and then drill down to specific meetings and their relevant notes. This will give you unmatched transparency which you can use to coach your sales team. You can also keep track of customer neglect. Setting a minimum number of sales against most recent meetings might help you find customers who are selling well but you haven’t seen for a while. This will allow you to add value to your relationship with customers as you can easily create priorities based on consistent data from your team.

Simplicity and flexibility

This is the most important feature of WIBSAS because it is the one that moderates your ability to use the software. It’s easy enough to use that you don’t have to be an IT expert, but also gives you the flexibility to offer great ad-hoc analysis and answer questions immediately.

Inventory Module:

The module or feature is all meant to keep your essential warehouse functions centralized. This helps in tracking every single inventory details like stock level, product history, and other product specifications. More importantly, the data syncs with all other modules in the inventory system. This helps in accurately operating inventory which enhances productivity by promoting a sense of collaboration among team members working from different locations on their systems.
This Inventory Management module enables you to have multiple sub-categories and features to get real-time reports for all necessary inventories. The automated shortage reports help in controlling any issues quickly and timely manner; alerts and reports let you efficiently tackle any unfortunate inventory mishaps. Inventory management empowers you to successfully build your eCommerce presence at various locations.
Here are the things you can do with Inventory Control feature:

Dynamic, user friendly and Informative Dashboard

WIBSAS Providing you the most dynamic and informative  Dashboard. You can get all of your information like,

*Total Sells *Total  Purchase  *Total Expenses *Purchase due *Invoice due *Total in Bank *Total cash *Net Profit

Also you can see the sale statistic, Payment due list, Stock alert, Recent activity, Custom to do list  

Dynamic, user friendly Sales module

On this inventory software you will get a fully controllable “SALES Module” where you can view, add, edit, delete,  you all sales. 

You can also view, add, edit, remove, deliver, download calan, Clone your order. 

You can return your sales, If any sales returned by buyer, You can check and not on it 

Most advanced Contact module

Here is our contact module in Inventory software.  There are two type of contact in contact module

  1. Customer
  2. Supplier

Customer:  You can add your regular customer to make your contact and build a customer base. It’s easy to contact and make a bill or due invoice for your each customer. 

Supplier: You can add your supplier on this module. On this module you can see all of your activity with those supplier. You will get all of your information/activity with each supplier.   

Most advanced Product module

Here is the most important module in Inventory software.  There are many option to list your product into the software. like

  1. Add product
  2. Category
  3. Brand
  4. Model
  5. Unite type
  6. Variant 

Using this option you can add your product very smoothly. Within few click you can get your all product information.

Dynamic Product module

This is advanced and dynamic purchase module. You can record our all purchase on this module. There are many option like

  1. Add Purchase
  2. Stock alert
  3. Purchase return
  4. CNF

Using this option you can maintain your purchase and get stock information for each product very smoothly. Within few click you can get your all stock, purchase information.

Advanced Accounts module

Here is  the advanced and dynamic purchase module. You will get all of your account information from this module. 

  1. Add Expense 
  2. Expense list
  3. Add Income
  4. Income list
  5. Purchase return
  6. CNF

Using this option you can maintain your purchase and get stock information for each product very smoothly. Within few click you can get your all stock, purchase information.

Advanced Branch module

This is  the advanced and dynamic  module. You can add your different branch/warehouse. 

  1. See your stock for different branch
  2. Control all of your branch stock/quantity and product from your main branch. 

So this module will help you to Control your all branch within few clicks.

Advanced Human Resource module

This is  the advanced and dynamic Human Resource  module. You can control your staff, check attendance form here. 

  1. Staff management
  2. Staff roll assign
  3. Department assign
  4. Staff Attendance
  5. Attendance report
  6. Event, Payroll
  7. Loan apply, Loan report
  8. Loan history, Loan approval

So this module will help you to Control all of  your staff within few clicks.

Most Advanced Report module

This is  the most advanced and dynamic  Report module. You can get every single report form this module. Let’s see what feature you will get. 

  1. Sales report, Product wise sales report, Sales return and Sales History
  2. Purchase report, Product wise Purchase 
  3. Purchase History
  4. Customer report, Customer Bill
  5. Supplier report, supplier Bill
  6. Ledger report.
  7. Opening balance reports
  8. Daily Expense/income report
  9. Cash flow 

So this module will help you to get all of your business report within few click.