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    Discover Why So Many Educators Are Choosing WIBSAS

    Wibsas Education Management System (WEMS) is more than just Software. When it comes to managing school, classes, parents, attendance, course, results everything cannot be done with perfection, Moreover, managing and organizing each class and scheduling everything with perfection is not humanly possible. An efficient online education management system can get the job done with perfection and that too fully online

    Core Module

    Front Office Management

    • Manage admission inquiries and leads in reception desk.
    • Manage daily school visitor’s book.
    • Manage daily calls and postal data.

    Academics Management

    • Manage class, sections and scholars of a school.
    • Manage academics subjects and subject teachers of a class.
    • Manage every class and teacher time table.
    • Promote, shift students and manage elective subjects.
    • Assign class teacher to the every class.

    Admission Management

    • Admit student with standard fields.
    • Import students using csv file at the first time for bulk admission
    • Online admission
    • Pay online fee and get enrolled automatically in the school.

    Attendance Management

    • Teacher can mark attendance through online and using mobile application.
    • Admin can mark attendance from admin panel.
    • Get attendance report of class date and month wise.
    • Get individual student attendance report.
    • Auto mark attendance using RFID card.

    Fees Management

    • Collect student’s fee with complete details of previous fee record.
    • Manage Due fees, auto fine assign and send them reminders.
    • Allocate fees on whole class, on group or on single student.
    • Collect fees online using gateway or generate fee receipts.

    Manage Students

    • Manage students, guardians, sibling and other important details.
    • Manage student record and history
    • Import students using csv file at first time to save time.
    • Manage student documents at one place

    Live Classes

    • Take live classes using any meeting license.
    • Take live classes using zoom live
    • Get on going, upcoming and completed classes details.
    • Share recorded videos after completion of classes.

    HR Management

    • Manage multiple types of staff role in human resources.
    • Mark staff attendance from admin panel or using RFID card.
    • Manage staff payroll and generate payroll slip.
    • Customizable leave types, roles, payslip.

    Exam Management

    • Manage school examination from starting to the end.
    • Parents can check grade book of students.
    • Generate exam schedule, mark sheet, admit card for the students.
    • Take online exam of the students.


    • Auto SMS of attendance, due date, exam result to parents.
    • Send bulk phone messages to individual, group or class.
    • Communicate with anyone via internal messaging.
    • Send notices to anyone.
    • Get alert for every activity via push notifications.

    Reports And Certificates

    • Various reports in WEMS
    • Generate Certificates , Marksheet
    • Generate excel, csv, pdf reports.
    • Finance, payroll, attendance, exam reports.
    • Transaction, login activities, sms and other record reports.


    • Manage school accounting, incomes and expenses easily.
    • Auto generation of profit loss statement.
    • Check from date to date transaction history.
    • Manage invoices of incomes and expenses.
    • Daybook, duration wise statements with detailed summary.

    Manage Transport

    • Manage school vehicle routes with stop points and shifts.
    • Manage drivers detail.
    • Manage school transport vehicles and live tracking.
    • Assign student to bus routes.
    • Manage transport fees and student detail with routes.

    Manage Hostel

    • Manage hostels, rooms and beds in hostel.
    • Assign hostel to students.
    • Collect hostel fees.
    • Check Complains from hostel.
    • Apply for hostel online.

    Manage Library

    • Manage every library material with shelf number.
    • Individual librarian’s account login.
    • Collect late book return fine, lost books fine.
    • Manage issued or available books status.

    Manage Inventory

    • Manage every inventory item.
    • Manage items purchased details.
    • Generate report for items.
    • Manage fine on lost items.
    • Filter items by category, type and others.

    Online Admission

    • Create online admission form or use pre-defined form.
    • Collect payment during online admission or skip it.
    • Get records of the students who did payment and who didn’t.
    • Students will get the form of submission with reference ID.

    Leave Management

    • Students can apply for leave through online
    • Staff can apply leave from their portal.
    • Admin can accept or reject leave with a reason.
    • Automatically leave will be marked in the attendance if accepted.
    • Staff salary will be deducted based on the attendance.

    Events & NEWS Manager

    • Add events for the school, classes or staff.
    • Set pre whole year events or any time event.
    • Add events on the website for the public.
    • Add real time moving NEWS on the website.
    • Add events for the alumni students.

    Chat System

    • One to one chat between staff, parents and students.
    • Create group of users for group chat and discussion.
    • Send files during the chat.
    • Get notification about the chats.
    • Access any chat anytime with seen time and everything.

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