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Wibsas Sales & Inventory Management Software (WSIMS) helps to improve your business process and keep your data safe

    Why You Need to Use WIBSAS Sales and Inventory Software

    Wibsas Sales & Inventory Management Software (WSIMS) is the practice of planning the buying, storing and selling of stock—whether it’s raw materials, parts or finished goods—to ensure the right type and amount of stock is available without holding excess stock and thereby tying up cash. When done correctly, inventory management saves companies money.
    When you work manually you are prone to make mistakes, or we should call them human errors. You don’t want to make those complex calculations by yourself. Without inventory management software you will be wasting lots of man-hours. The team will be recording what items are used for each transaction and so on. Sales & Inventory management software can do these tasks for you very easily and efficiently. Accurate Sales & inventory management is key to running a successful product business. Tracking stock regularly WIBSAS can help you to avoid stock errors and other problems. The following are the benefits of strong Sales & inventory management:

    Core Modules

    Dashboard and Login

    • Lucrative user-friendly dashboard
    • Various login as Admin, Sales, delivery boy etc.

    Customer database

    • Customer detail data can be saved in the customer database
    • Customers can also be grouped by product or in any way that makes sense within the ERP database.
    • Advanced customer features would include CRM tools such as a sales pipeline, linked customers and prospecting tools

    Invoice Sales

    • It consists of a tracking purchase order
    • Receive product from supplier as per order
    • Payment details to supplier

    Sales territories

    • Wibsas ERP can provide a geographic or similar breakdown of sales by sales persons.
    • Each person selling will “own” a territory within the system and be responsible for orders, delivery, and backlog in that territory.

    Sales order

    • It consists of a tracking sales order
    • Deliver product to the customer as per order
    • Payment collection from customer

    Instalment Sales

    • It consist sale by instalment to the customer
    • Instalment profit/interest calculation
    • Monthly payment calculation

    Purchase order

    • To manage customer invoice details
    • Customer wise sales history

    Purchase Bill

    • To manage supplier billing details
    • Supplier wise purchase billing history

    Sales & Purchase Return

    • All sales return list
    • All purchase return list

    Human Resource

    • All the information related to staff members can be manage here

    • Staff search, profile


    • Sales & Purchase account
    • Income record
    • Expense record


    • SMS send to customer for due payment
    • Email send to customer for due payment


    • Manage all the product stock
    • Others stocks and store under inventory module

    Warehouse management

    • ERP inventory increases the visibility of warehouse management.
    • It allows real-time data to integrate with the system and reduces negative inventory.

    Stock Transfers

    • This system enables the organization of specific items.
    • For example, it can identify an item with an identification number and its location.
    • Transfer stock from one warehouse to another


    • Customer due report
    • Supplier due report
    • Stock report and many more

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